It is my birthday. Peace.

It is 4:58 am and I have been awake for over an hour, muttering Thank you, Jesus.

For the last 3 years or more, whenever my birthday was around the corner, I would have panic attacks and be in low spirits.

This year, Jesus gave me the triple treat of joy, peace and His love!

I know it is not made up, this is not a hoax either because I tapped to check. I paused to listen to the rhythm of my heart and heard gratitude and peace. Stillness. Jesus.

I also hear faint notes of Lauren Daigle’s You Say with Rhett Walker’s I am a Believer.

This is the best birthday gift, Lord and I am so thankful.

Matthew West’s song inspired the title and this birthday was in July😉



Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I believe in human capital development. I believe in the potential for people to rise higher than the circumstances of their births through opportunities for training and educational advancement. These people create quantifiable value for employers, corporations and society …and they rise.

I believe that a nation, an economy is built by its people-visionary, competent and capable people.

I believe in excellence. I wasn’t this person before but every day I am growing intentionally in this direction. Marcel Lebre frames this adopted mantra so well, ‘delight is temporary, excellence is eternal’.

I believe in the intersection of these three to build solutions and enterprises.