Notes from a Wedding Party

2 min readOct 8, 2022
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As is customary in Lagos, Saturdays are for Owambe. However, I am having one of those rare quiet ones.

Armed with coffee, I pick up some reading but remember notes I scribbled from John Chapter 2 and today feels like a great day to share.

Here’s to everyone at an Owambe!

First, you notice it wasn’t one of Mary’s children or family members getting married yet she cared. She wanted things to go well at the wedding and instead of using her powers of observation for gbeborun she sent it as a request to Jesus’ ears alone.
Awon gbegorun, how market?

Intercession is powerful.
God can change a situation, the course of someone’s life, or a nation when we pray earnestly and unwavering according to His will. Mary’s intercession changed the story of that couple. The MC said ‘Ahan! these people have changed the order of reception sha’.

I encourage and invite you to pray today; from your family to unsaved friends and others who need a move of God in their lives? Pray!
God hears and is eager to answer. Find scriptures that promise the intent of God for those lives and situations then pray through.

You see, more people need to experience the kindness of God - through you. At this wedding, He showed up because someone asked. When I watched The Chosen, an amazing TV series about the life of Jesus Christ, which you should totally see, I got better context. Jesus stepped in and resolved this tricky situation for the groom’s family and wine merchant.

I bet they became instant believers because they tasted the kindness of God. Literally.

Let us pray:
Father, I ask that You make me a conduit for your kindness.
The world is aching, people are in difficulties they don’t know how to navigate. I offer my life to You to dispense love, mercy and kindness in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Owanbe: A large party thrown by Nigerians anywhere in the world, especially Yoruba Nigerians that involves a lot of food, dancing and loud music.
*Gbegorun: To spread gossip, the Yoruba term.




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